It’s all about the culture.

Georgia Tech seeks to foster a strong culture for its staff and the College of Engineering (CoE) Staff Culture Advisory Council (COESCAC) was created to support those efforts. The College of Engineering’s Staff Culture Advisory Council (COESCAC) serves the College by advocating for the staff and promoting equity, diversity, and inclusion in its culture. The council serves as an advisory committee to college leadership on action steps resulting from staff engagement day collaborative sessions, as well as School discussions and initiatives.

COESCAC will partner with college staff to build and foster a community that is:

• Adaptive
• Creative
• Empowering
• Ethical
• Innovative


Advocate – serve as the voice of the staff to provide input from staff to leadership

Inform – solicit and share information; enhance communications throughout the College

Engage – bring employees together to create community and to develop in their careers

Lead – initiate change and be an example for others to follow

Meet your representatives

If you have suggestions or questions, please feel free to reach out to your school representatives.

  • AE: Kay Doering, Academic Advisor
  • BME: Chordae Lauderdale, Financial Administrator
  • CEE: LaShone Simmons, Admin Professional
  • ChBE: Lori Federico, Assistant to the Chair
  • ECE: Christian Gallie, Academic Advisor
  • ISyE: Brittany Lawler, Program Support Coordinator
  • ME: Darryl Williams, Building Coordinator
  • MSE: Jonathan Jones, Financial Administrator
  • Dean’s Office: LaJauna Ellis, Director-Admin & Strategic Initiatives
  • Faculty Liaison: Robert Simon, CEE
  • Advisor: Byron Fitch, Strategic Consulting